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Trade Tricks in Writing Treasure Hunt & Scavenger Hunt Clues For a Fun Social gathering

Trade Tricks in Writing Treasure Hunt & Scavenger Hunt Clues For a Fun Social gathering

Do you know any individual who is presented a riddle to remedy and there is a prize for solving and nonetheless the person isn’t going to attempt? I you should not. In any case I am writing this for folks who love to build clues. Crafting clues can be quite intricate and demanding for inexperienced. Listed here I current the construction to generate treasure hunt or scavenger hunt clues for any actual physical item like fridge, closet.


We are to arrange one scavenger hunt recreation in our nearby park for little ones aged 9 to 13. We have picked ‘Grass’ as one particular of the objects to be gathered in this clue dependent hunt. Now we have to have to publish a clue on ‘Grass’.

Start from the End

The apparent start off for producing a clue is to determine the solution (We picked ‘Grass’). Physical objects are less complicated than abstract suggestions for producing riddle hunts. Really specific answers like ‘grass of Mike’s backyard’ can be very difficult to fix even for Mike himself. Significantly less distinct answers like ‘backyard grass’ or ‘grass’ are normally not as tough however tough clues can nonetheless be produced for typical answers.

Consider, Think & Believe! Some Additional!!

Relevant Phrases

Very first make record of text, thoughts, thoughts which are linked to and have some affiliation with ‘Grass’. Vital section is to just observe down what ever comes to your brain.

– Green, Lawn, Backyard garden, Grassland, Lawnmower, vegetation, Crops, Weeds, Herb, Hay, Sod, Below your feet, Cricket pitch, Hockey synthetic turf, Soccer field, lush, Accumulate dew, Grazing land, Pasture, Herd, Wimbledon, Golf placing, farm, food stuff chain, chomp, grasshoppers

Reverse Words

Also make record of words, suggestions, thoughts which are opposite or have reverse correlation with ‘Grass’.

– At the best, Hungry cattle, muddy football in rain, Dirty, On your head

Use Thesaurus & Internet Resources

Leverage Internet’s broad assets to seize much more info on ‘Grass’. Types, involved history, referenced in movies. One particular really handy element is to discover idioms associated to ‘Grass’.

– Grass is usually greener on the other aspect, Really don’t enable the grass improve less than one’s toes, Put out to grass, Snake in the grass, Grass root level

Set by yourself in Object’s footwear

Picture you are the object and explain the world from its position of watch. What do you see, listen to, experience and scent? What do you like & what you do not.

– Absolutely everyone is taller than me, Never stomp, I require plenty of drinking water, Slash the shank and I am sleek. I make your lawn lush environmentally friendly, My king in Africa is the tallest

Use Figure of Speech

Use figure of speech to compose sentences describing the response (‘Grass’), making use of what ever we have arrive up with so significantly.

– Psychological Picturization: Collects dew to make your sneakers damp
Personalization: I can shift the ball, just do not stomp on me, Slice the shank and I am easy Metaphor: Start out of the meals chain, Wimbledon court docket

– Substitute Term for major word(s): lush eco-friendly
– Appears related with phrase: chomp, chomp, chomp for grazing
– Simile: So is Grass to lawn as hairs to head (You guessed it! I am without a doubt baldy) or colors to portray

Did all the hard perform…Now generate a draft ‘Hunt Clue’

Both way too uncomplicated or too really hard clues will make players loose curiosity quite speedily. Categorize all operate completed until now. (1) Reject as well straight forward phrases (2) Choose some cryptic phrases (3) Pick some solvable aspect of the clue.

I like the suggestions similar to ‘cutting the shank’, idiom ‘let the grass mature beneath one’s feet’, ‘ going the ball’ and ‘king in Africa is the tallest’ to construct the cryptic sections. Let us see if we could use ‘Golf putting’, ‘greener on the other side’ & ‘Hungry cattle’ to tutorial the gamers for basically resolving the clue.

Lush environmentally friendly and something connected to grazing seem to be a little bit evident. May perhaps be I will decide on these when crafting clues for youthful kids but not below. Commence of the foods chain can be bewildered with other crops, so overlook it..

– Reduce the shank, I make the ball move, putt you believe I am inexperienced other side.

In Africa I have the tallest king, Lazy you I improve underneath your ft.

Aaah! It would seem quite disjointed and not spicy at all. Let’s give a further check out and use some Parallelism and Opposites, Slash & Grow, Small & Tall.

– Minimize the shank I go the ball, No motion I develop in your toes,

Greedy bully tends to make me quick, Only tall is my African king.

Applied ‘greedy bully’ for ‘hungry cow’ to make it a bit obscure. I am even now not really satisfied. It doesn’t audio excellent when I read through it aloud. Let’s give it the finishing contact.

Make it Stylish & Poetic

Now we need to use thesaurus a great deal. Modify the phrases to have virtually equal range of characters and finish each phrase with rhyming terms. We could use formal producing technicalities like rhetorical result, alliteration to enhance literary good quality of clues. Visual alterations like punctuation placement, capitalization and bolding to even more emphasise the clues. I used ‘switch’ to symbolize ‘other side’.

– No motion I develop in your ft, greener if you are switching.

Greedy bully would make me short, greatest is one particular African king.

It appears to be and seems superior now. I’m guaranteed youngsters are likely to have ton of pleasurable actively playing scavenger hunt activity.