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The Benefits of The Staycation

The Benefits of The Staycation

The term staycation has been on everyone’s lips in recent times… but what is a staycation?

A staycation is the term used to describe persons spending their vacation within their own town, city or country. In other words it’s playing tourist in your own backyard. The rise in popularity in this form of vacation has come about for a number of reasons.

These include the skyrocketing oil prices, the severe world recession and to a lesser extent the increased security checks at airports. All these factors have forced individuals to rethink their spending habits or simply to consider issues related to personal safety.

Whatever is the reason for the rise in popularity this method of vacationing has brought numerous benefits to both the individual and the local economy. Here are five benefits of the popular staycation…

Reduces Travel Misfortune

There probably isn’t a traveler who hasn’t suffered some travel misfortune or another. Actually mishaps when traveling seem par for the course they range from lost luggage, stolen merchandise, delayed and cancel flights. Staycations tend to eliminate most of these unfortunate incidents simply because you are basically on your own turf.

You therefore have greater control over your luggage, your merchandise and your schedule this eliminates most of the common mishaps.

Keeps Money in Your Pocket

Travel over long distances whether it’s overseas or inland really tugs at the purse strings and with the cost of inputs such as fuel constantly rising traveling has hit the pocket hard. Travelers have been forced to dig deeper in their resources to afford the escalating cost of everything from baggage fees to increase ticket prices.

By keeping you in your area the staycation has eliminated all of this putting more money for leisure activities in the pocket of the persons taking that much needed vacation.

Keeps Local Economies a float

Many of the local economies based on tourism have found the going pretty tough lay offs and reduce hours of work has been the order of the day during this recession. As many vacation seekers hit by increase cost has refrain from spending money in areas such as travel.

The local economy therefore has been hard hit; the staycation therefore provides the opportunity for persons to spend money within their communities. This has led to numerous spend offs such as keeping jobs going within the restaurants, hotels, car rental agencies and even manufacturing.

Increased Rest and Relaxation

One of the main reasons for traveling and vacations is rest and relaxation but traveling to distant places can be tiring. Standing in long queues, flight delays and lost luggage all add to the stress in today’s world. The staycation because of its close proximity removes most of these factors allowing you to have that extra time to relax and enjoy the amenities on offer.

Increased Local Knowledge

Most of us live in community’s too busy going about our day to day lives often oblivious to all that’s going on around us. Many of the facilities, attractions, accommodation and even restaurants tend to go unnoticed.

Take a staycation and all this seem to change once you are switch off from the daily grind you instantly become more aware. This is great especially if you have kids this certainly increases their local knowledge putting them in a better position to speak with knowledge and passion about their communities.

While the staycation may have come about because of the recession and other global challenges its popularity as the perfect alternative to the traditional vacation guarantee that it is here to stay.