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Rita Roars as She Readies to Rip into Reality

Rita Roars as She Readies to Rip into Reality

Hurricane Rita is really roaring and wants to wreck our Texas Gulf Coastline. She has really ramped up as she readies to rip into the reality of our psyche. Just when we thought it was safe to rebuild we see that Hurricane Season 2005 was in fact a worse as it was warned. We are currently in peak season, as generally September is the biggest month for Hurricanes in the United States. Unfortunately it also appears this Hurricane Season will be longer than in previous years, consider it started earlier and we are only four names from running out and we have not even made it to October yet.

Meanwhile if you have been checking out the Pacific Side of the US we have a Hurricane headed toward Hawaii, with another behind it, as well as one cruising up the coast, yet still quite South of the United States off the Baja California Coast. The Pacific Side is already on the “M’s” with Hurricane Max. This Hurricane although small is increasing the weight on the plates from its surge which could mean Earthquakes and Volcanic Activity in Mexico and as some seismic activity as far away as Southern California.

And then there is Hurricane Philippe still growing quietly well East of the United States, but we know from history it can turn at any time or airflows from Rita could suck it towards shore. But for now we are concerned with not Max hitting San Diego or Hurricane Java taking out Hawaii, because all eyes are on Hurricane Rita. Hurricane Rita is now a whopping 425 mile wide Category V Hurricane, which threatens to smash through much of our oil production, distribution and refining capacity, which will be felt for many months and affect our fuel prices. This means major economic issues ahead for the United States.

Hurricane Rita appears to be the worst storm to hit Galveston in 105 years, as in 1900 over 9000 were killed by a massive Hurricane, which prompted the city to build an 18-Foot Sea Wall to protect against such things. Unfortunately a Category Five Hurricane can cause storm surges of over 25-feet and well that is a lot higher than 18 feet. Due to the width of the storm and the 165 mph winds, the entire area will be hit with Hurricane winds for up to a 125-mile swath. It will send storm surges up the Houston Port Canal and completely flood East Houston. From Corpus Christi to the Port Arthur in Texas will be pummeled. In Louisiana Lake Charles will see lots of flooding too and just because you do not live on the Coast does not mean you will be safe. If you live in San Antonio or anywhere in South Texas you will get flooding. These are already prone to flooding;

In front of the remnants of Hurricane Rita will be a cold front, which will be sandwiched between two warm fronts, this means very wicked storms which will move through the Midwest, causing additional havoc and flooding. It also means that floodwaters will not reside quickly as all that water makes its way down to the coast. Those who live in Dallas, Oklahoma City, Little Rock, Joplin, Kansas City will all see flooding and hostile weather.

Will the Category V Rita let up? Indeed it will go between Category four and five as it moves through the varying water temperatures in the gulf, but remember even if it downgrades the warmest water is right up on the Coast and it was very hot just days before the landfall which heats up the localized water. So it may not slow down like Katrina did right before landfall and that storm surge will be major, as this storm is huge and growing and it will be moving a lot of water. Think on this and stay safe.