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Questions About Facilitated Communication and Telepathy Answered by Nonverbal Typist Using FC

Questions About Facilitated Communication and Telepathy Answered by Nonverbal Typist Using FC

I have used facilitated communication, facilitated writing and drawing, supported typing, and strategies similar to RPM, for many years. I contend that there is an energetic component.

This spiritual or energetic connection is difficult to assess. I suspect a merging of consciousness exists between the facilitator and the typist resulting in an atypical telepathic resonance where we begin communicating as one.

I have many unanswered questions. I pursue the answers to enhance my understanding of consciousness and to help parents and caregivers accommodate children and adults with severe autism. These open individuals are under served by the limitations put on them. Not listening to their enhanced perspective, limits everyone. What is their advanced perspective? It seems to differ depending on who is serving as their partner. I sense severely autistic people know me well and perhaps helps me access what I need to hear.

Recently, I revisited some unanswered questions about facilitated communication that continue to perplex me. I asked a friend of mine, diagnosed with severe nonverbal autism, who uses the FC and telepathy to reply, comment, and explain.

She typed using facilitated support to answer most of the questions. A few answers, I received by direct telepathy. I read those answers back to her for clarification and approval. At times, my friend resists doing all the typing. She insists, I am ready to trust my telepathic receiving and work that way. It is easier and more expeditious for both of us. Very minor editing, capitalization, and punctuation was added by me.

Do our brain waves synchronize when we participate in joint attention activities such as facilitated communication?

Both frequency and wave length are synchronized. The slower and longer the wave length, the closer the waves are to the earth vibration. I lower my vibration as you raise yours. We meet somewhere in the middle. When brainwaves match, communication occurs. Brain waves synchronize first, then bodily rhythms. Bodily rhythm is extremely important to our partnership. It provides balance and support to my disorganized system.

Is merging of consciousness happening at the subconscious level?

No, joining is happening at the conscious level. I am looking for a safe place to land. Many autistic souls never find the opportunity but if they do, they adhere to the person who allows them that privilege. I am very grateful for the opportunity to feel the earth vibration. Facilitation provides the structure necessary to feel the pulse of the earth. Without this help, I remain adrift, unable to control many bodily processes. Because of its organizing effect, FC needs to be used. People need to realize, it is not about communication, it is about balance. Many systems are out of sync in severe autism. Communication is one of those systems. More affected because of the complexity of language.

Does our connection occur in the right brain?

Our connection begins in the right brain but is sustained by balanced hemispheric interaction. Balance is achieved by staying grounded.

How does aligning with me help you?

Autistic souls like me, see other planes simultaneously. It is difficult getting grounded. It is like a tug of war. The strongest magnet has our loyalty. “Kool” to be in demand. Like attracts like. You are like me in many ways. Look in my eyes. Eyes like mine see your soul in its biggest form, unrestricted by language.

Do you tap into my knowledge base?

Your Knowledge base is easily accessible once we are in sync. It is easy to parrot your thoughts and wishes. As balance increases, so does control of my conscious mind. Independent thought, not independent typing, is my ultimate goal.

Do you help me raise my vibration to get in touch with my higher self?

Yes, but your higher self is within not without. Higher really means deeper. The peeling of the onion so to speak leads you to awareness. Evolution is concentric. Go to the innermost the most inner part of your awareness and plant a seed to create new paradigms.

Does merging consciousness help us tap into an emanating universal field of knowledge?

Yes, when we are in sync, we form a unit of channelled resources where we simultaneously know each others thoughts and interpretations of ancient teachings often lost by more integrated souls. This field records understanding of primal urges to organize matter into meaningful structures that sustain and support God’s creation. God is Creator and unifying force that allows subtle energies of man to create with Him. Huge responsibility to evolve together.

Does syncing our brains waves help produce our telepathic experiences?

Telepathy occurs when we synchronize our brain waves and sensory system. Both are needed for maximum effect. As an open channel, you help me navigate linear thought that is not accessible when channels are closed. Open channels are like a river, they meander and flow. However, the current keeps the momentum going. Without the current, the river has no way of organizing itself. When facilitating, you serve as the current to keep information flowing.

What strategies should I use to encourage independent ego communication?

My Independent ego comes pouring through when I want or need something enough to spark a chemical signal in my brain that overrides your perspective. Setting up scenarios where you use my strong desires, provide opportunities for me to strengthen my conscious mind. For example, you know how much I like nuts. If you insist that I type “nuts” independently before I get one, I will.

I know you are now thinking of my compulsions. This strategy does not work because the impetus is ultimately too strong. I cannot type when I am under control of a compulsion or addiction. It will result in disaster more times than not. Strong wish creates moderate adrenaline. Compulsion creates chaos.

Are your high-speed fleeting thoughts and chaotic flow being entrained by magnetic signals?

Magnetic signals come from the earth. You bring these signals to me and hook me to the magnetic field connected to the earth vibration.

Why does information sometimes change when you are working with me as opposed to another facilitator?

Each facilitated partnership differs depending the mixture of brain waves and sensory systems, knowledge in the conscious mind and in the soul. Reverberations give signals that transfer thought forms and dream like symbols into words. You help find the correct word unconsciously.

I freely admit, after all these years, joining energy and merging consciousness, I still have very little understanding of the process. What I do know, is that my view of consciousness has deepened and become more complex, due to the valuable insights and information, I have received. In all fairness, I also admit, I have received inaccurate information or perhaps, my interpretation was incorrect. I leave it to the reader to discern. It is such a magnificent, perplexing, intricate tapestry.