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Ought to I Learn French Or Portuguese?

Ought to I Learn French Or Portuguese?

Ought to you learn French or Portuguese? Which language is far more handy? Are French and Portuguese similar? This write-up will reply all of these issues.


Equally French and Portuguese are Romance languages so they are comparable, due to the fact they share the very same roots. A whole lot of Portuguese words are related to French kinds and vice versa. Regrettably, pronunciation is unique. Grammar rules are incredibly equivalent. If you converse French, it really should be comparatively simple for you to learn Portuguese and vice versa.


Equally French and Portuguese are preferred languages but French is far more well-liked. It really is the formal language of 29 nations which includes France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Haiti and numerous African countries.

Portugal is spoken in Portugal and Brazil which has about 190 million inhabitants (France has only 65 million inhabitants). The Portuguese language is also the formal language of these kinds of countries as Cape Verde, East Timor, Angola or Mozambique. Brazil is one particular of the most speedily producing nations around the world in the planet. Being ready to discuss Brazilian Portuguese can considerably strengthen your competitiveness in the task marketplace. On the other hand, France and Canada are previously very well-formulated nations and if you know French, there are many more occupation opportunities for you.

Regional Versions

Brazilian Portuguese differs from European Portuguese. French just isn’t that distinctive in many nations but there are also some regional variations. If you know conventional French, you will be comprehended all over the place. If you know Brazilian Portuguese, it could be a small tougher for you to converse in Portugal and vice versa.


Equally French and Portuguese aren’t that hard to study for English speakers. On the other hand, French is regarded to be much more difficult than Portuguese, for the reason that there are a whole lot of irregularities in spelling and grammar. On the other hand, if you know English, you already understand numerous French words and phrases, due to the fact a ton of words of the English language are of French origin.

If you want to make the suitable choice, consider into consideration your area and your touring plans. For illustration, if you reside in Canada, it is surely much better to find out French. If you want to shift or journey to Brazil, Portuguese is a have to.

In the conclusion, you can always try out the two languages and obtain out which 1 you like additional. Good luck and have enjoyment although discovering!