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Organic Composting at Home

Organic Composting at Home

Composting is the controlled decomposition of organic matter. Rather than allowing nature to take its slow course, a composer provides an optimal environment in which decomposers can thrive. To encourage the most active microbes, the compost pile needs the proper mix of the following ingredients and conditions:

  • Carbon
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen (air)
  • Water

Very important element of proper decomposition is a right proportion of ingredients. In other words, the ingredients placed in the pile should contain 30 times as much carbon as nitrogen. High-carbon sources provide the cellulose needed by the composting bacteria for conversion to sugars and heat. High-nitrogen sources provide the most concentrated protein. These sources allow the compost bacteria to thrive.

Compost breaks down with special conditions, such as oxygen and water. It is very important to turn the compost pile every week, so it doesn’t release methane gas. Landfills are highly compacted so everything there breaks down in an anaerobic environment, and consequently provides thriving condition for toxic actinomycetes. A byproduct of dry decomposition is methane gas, a sad addition to global warming problem.

Organic composting at home was initiated as a very beneficial idea, which can help reduce household waste by up to 30%. Organic composting at home results in reduced garbage disposal fees, less waste going into landfills, and the immense satisfaction of producing a useful soil additive for household lawn and garden needs.

Organic composting at home is not so complicated and easy to implement, but people need to learn how to do it properly; otherwise the good idea loses all pros and becomes nothing more then a new way of introducing more toxicants to the environment.

The major mistakes people do are not following the right proportion of all necessary ingredients, preventing the pile from the oxygen it truly needed, and keeping it too dry,ended up decomposing in a very non-beneficial way, and producing an odor so foul that government agents and neighbors knocking at their door.

The truth is that natural organic process should follow natural laws. Forcing it to work in a wrong direction will not bring any benefits. In fact, it will stimulate various organic organisms to grow and develop their byproducts, that eventually will be mixed with the soil. It is what we call toxicants. Our organic gardens are our food supply, but they also a play area and learning environment for kids and pets. It is why we need to learn organic composting at home from experts.