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Homemade Michael Jackson Billie Jean Halloween Costume

Homemade Michael Jackson Billie Jean Halloween Costume

Many people are planning to pay homage to the only King of Pop by dressing up like him in one of his extraordinary costumes this Halloween. There are several costume stores that sells immense variety of Michael Jackson costumes. However, you can add more weight to its importance by wearing your own homemade Michael Jackson costume.

The materials you need to make your own costume are black jacket, black undershirt, black pants, white glove and white socks. These can be bought at your favorite clothing store. You also need several packs of shiny large size black and silver sequins, small size silver sequins, glue, glue stick and a glue gun found at any craft store. Here’s how you can make your own homemade Michael Jackson Billie Jean costume:

First Step – The Jacket

Recreate Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean jacket by removing the collar portion of the jacket, and just sew the removed portion together. Then, completely cover the jacket with shiny large black sequins using a glue stick and a glue gun. Glue each of the sequins into the surface of the jacket. Just be careful when handling the glue gun since this can be hot. Large sequins will lessen the time to completely cover the whole jacket with sequins.

Second Step – The Undershirt

Once the jacket is done, do the same thing on the black undershirt. This time, do not remove the collar, and use silver large sequins instead of the black one. Glue each of the sequins into the black undershirt. There’s no order to be followed when putting the sequins into the shirt. As long as the entire shirt will be covered, then you are doing a great job.

Third Step – The Pants

Choose black matching pants that are short for your height, but, fits well on the waist. Michael Jackson’s hanging pants are one of his popular trademarks. However, if you have your own black pants that you do not already use, then you can just cut it off shorter and sew the pants under it.

Fourth Step – The One-piece Glove and Socks

Make your own shiny one piece glove and socks by covering them with small size silver sequins. Since the sequins are quite small, a glue gun can be dangerous to use to put them together. Perhaps you can use fabric glue, and paste them into the glove and socks. Let them dry overnight before using them to secure their attachment.

Now, wear your black shoes, do the jheri-curl hairdo and makeup. Practice his moon walking dance move, and you are ready to go as Michael Jackson in your own homemade Billie Jean Halloween costume. This is an easy to make homemade costume than any other costumes for Halloween. Surely, you can pay tribute to your favorite pop star with this homemade Billie Jean costume.