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Character Cartoon Logos That Have Given Fame and Fortune to Their Companies

Character Cartoon Logos That Have Given Fame and Fortune to Their Companies

It is a known fact that the logos are the face of a company but there are some characters that have become the un-official logos of the company because of their fame. Same has been the case for animations. There are same cartoon characters that have become so popular that they have become the face and personality of their brands. They become the self proclaimed mascots for their corporations.

Let’s have a look at some of these character cartoon logos that have given fame and fortune to their companies.

1. Mickey Mouse:

One of the oldest animated characters of the world; Mickey has been the face of the Walt Disney Company since the beginning. The character has almost become a synonym for the company. This wide grinned, white gloved mouse is undoubtedly one of the most popular character cartoon logos of all time.

2. Pink Panther:

Panthers may be fierce mammals but it certainly doesn’t seem that way by looking at this animation series. This pink cat speaks more with his expressions and gestures than he ever can with words. Due to his fame, he has appeared in many movies and adorned many brand marks.

3. Fred Flintstone:

If you want to travel back in time with style then Fred Flintstone will take you there. He has been the face of the Stone Age luxury and comfort since the beginning of his show ‘the Flintstones’. The fact that he is constantly getting in trouble with his family and friends shows that no matter what period we live in, troubles are faced by all.

4. Bugs Bunny:

This clever long eared character has been the face of the Warner Brothers Company since the beginning. His famous line ‘what’s up, doc?’ while chewing a carrot has been one of the most famous catch phrases of all time.

5. Superman:

This is undoubtedly the most popular symbol for justice and courage. This character is so famous that he has almost become a legend in the world of crime and injustice. No matter how bad things go, superman will be there to save the day.

6. Tom and Jerry:

No child has grown up without watching this serial. Their famous cat and mouse fights remind us of sibling rivalry even though one of the characters here is trying to eat the other. The combination of the clever mouse and the cunning cat is one of the most popular characters in the animated industry that have become the face of their company.

7. Homer Simpson:

Usually animations are targeted towards children, but one of this funny cartoon logos character has changed the dynamics all together. Homer Simpson appears to be rude, lazy and clumsy but is essentially pure hearted which adds to his appeal. His middle class living surroundings and life style were created to depict the life of an average American family.

So there you have some of the famous character cartoons that have been the face of their successful brands.