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Building an Outdoor Room Around Your Adirondack Chairs

Building an Outdoor Room Around Your Adirondack Chairs

The more you browse modern home decorating magazines, books, and websites, the more you will probably see the “outdoor room,” complete with furniture such as Adirondack chairs, coffee tables, outdoor sofas, and kitchen facilities. Sometimes the writers label the outdoor room as such; other times, you’ll see the concepts but not that particular name. An outdoor room often brings familiar indoor decorating elements to your porch, patio, deck, or yard. Read on for a few ideas to build your own version around your Adirondack chairs.

Group several Adirondack chairs around a central piece, such as a side table or conversation table. For a more intimate setting, you may wish to consider double Adirondack chairs that seat two people. If your outdoor space includes an overhead covering, you can hang coordinating curtains to decorate the space and provide a shield from the sun. Hang these curtains on rods between posts, or tack them to the inside of your pergola or canopy. Throw pillows further enhance the idea that you’ve brought the indoors to the outside. They can also provide a more comfortable experience as you enjoy your outdoor room.

A rolling cart is a helpful accessory for your favorite outdoor space. You can use it to store extra items or to serve drinks and food. It can also double as a makeshift bistro table or an extension of your buffet.

While most outdoor rooms don’t offer refrigerators, you’ll want to keep your drinks cool. Keeping the drinks close to the Adirondack chairs offers the highest degree of convenience to your guests. Depending on how much space and money you have available, you can decide which ice chest will work for you. A traditional insulated plastic chest may provide what you need. You can also substitute any clean metal or plastic container you already own, as long as it’s large enough to house sufficient ice and beverages. For a more tailored or permanent look, you may wish to invest in a convertible storage bench. A storage bench offers a hollow interior for storage. The top serves as seating. Selected models also convert into ice chests; you simply snap a vinyl liner inside. When the party’s over, you remove the liner and dump the water and leftover ice.

You might place a few planters around the Adirondack chairs. For help in selecting appropriate live plants, consult a knowledgeable greenhouse salesperson. They can advise you on proper growing conditions for a variety of plants. Remember to inquire about the amount of upkeep they require as well. If you can devote little time to gardening, select no-fuss plants.

Another important element is lighting. You can hang strings of Christmas-style electric bulbs. You can also line up groupings of candles, or investigate lanterns or a nearby firepit.

When you first begin to experiment with bringing indoor decorating elements to the outdoors, you may find the concepts shocking. But you can actually achieve an inviting space by adding curtains, pillows, carts, planters, and appropriate lighting. Building an outdoor room around your Adirondack chairs might be the best thing you’ve done for your outdoor space.