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Build a Wall of Possibility Around Your Future

Build a Wall of Possibility Around Your Future

Possibility is a capacity presenting itself that something can happen. It is the invisible power of God, that things which has not existed in the world can exist. It is a self-inspirational word that challenges status quo anytime it is spoken and acted. It only assists someone that believes to make great moves and have a lasting legacy.

However, if you want to build a wall of possibility around your future, there are some super fantastic and indispensable laws you must “know and obey.” They are known as laws of success. They can make life predictable for you because they can work for everybody in everywhere all over the world. They work the same way in Nigeria, United States of America, Canada, South Africa, and any part you can think of in the world. They have no respect for gender, status, family background or race. They do not know a poor or rich person, if you break them, they go against you. But, if you know and obey them, nothing good is impossible for you to achieve. You will be unstoppable. You cannot build the foundation of your life around these laws and not have a fulfilled future. Get along with me as I share some with you here.

Law of Insight: Everything is created twice. Are you surprised? They are; inward creation and physical creation. What you see today in the invisible in your mind is exactly what you will see tomorrow in the visible. You need to make the shortest journey in life and be anywhere you desire to be in anyplace in the world. You need to travel in your imagination into the future. Have you ever visualized your life in the next 5 or 10 years without the concentration on the distracting circumstances around you now? You have to neglect the issue that you are poor or average in all things. Closing your eyes and hears from impossibility and negative facts. “The moment you dream, you rise above your limitations and no one can stop again you except yourself.” Where will you be in the next 15 years? Write it down. You need to be a dreamer to have a future full of possibilities. What have you seen in your mind today that does not exist before? The invisible forces are waiting to rush into your life and turn your dream into a reality. Listen now, if you want to help your insight, read books. It is what you must do if you want to feed your insight. Books had helped millions of people to become great all over the world. They are great secrets of great people today. Nothing empowers you like knowledge. Books are my number one food that builds my unseen parts of me daily to make visible things happen. Be hungry for knowledge and invest in books because secrets to convert your dream to a reality are embedded in them. Books are living things that can fill your heart and transform your life. Your life cannot be better than the knowledge you have. Books empower you to see your future clearly from today. Seeing tomorrow from today helps you to know the directions of your life and practically move there. The world only pays practical dreamers. Without a dream, you have no future. I say to you, have a dream and follow it.

Law of Possibility thinking: Rich man thinking is totally different from poor man thinking. This is a great issue among us Nigerians. Move close to a poor man and a legitimate rich man and compare the way they think from what they say. You will observe a big difference. Thoughts are powerful. Get it once and for all; your life tomorrow can never be better than the quality of your thoughts today. Thoughts are seeds in your mind that turn into realities. Literally, what you think is what you get. That is it. If you think something is impossible even before starting, you have already failed. Poor background, poverty and slavery mentality can be changed to prosperity through our thoughts. Poverty mentality is now a normal thing in Nigeria because of our environment. First thing is to change the way we you think. Do not put yourself down in your thoughts. You can only be a billionaire tomorrow if you are one in your mind today. Your situation now is not the determinant; it is your attitude to the situation. The problem is not the problem, the problem is the way you see the problem. You can only change the name of you family in the next 10 years if you change it first in your heart today. Possibility starts from the mind. It is a battle you must win. There is a connection of the mind with the brain. The brain does not only understand any information sent from the mind, it obeys it. So, you must protect your mind gates. Disallow jargons to enter it. Watch what you see, hear and say. Then, no one can think differently and not achieve different results. “If you can think like one in them and not one of them, you will achieve a result like no one of them.” Thinking is handwork. Popular thinking is not possibility thinking. Do you get it now? The reason why many Africans do not think and make big things happen is because majority of people believe that thinking is not work. As a Nigerian, I encourage you, think and think big that all things are possible for you even from the slum. I tell you, you will get there.

Law of Passion: Do you complain in your present job or you do not even know how to choose a career? I want to help you. It is better to focus on your area of brilliance than your area of competence. That is where you can easily become celebrated. There is something you love to do always that gives you internal joy either you are paid or not for doing it. You enjoy it once you start doing it. It is always easy for you even if everyone says it is handwork. That is what you are passionate about. It could be from your value, interest, skill or ambition. That is the secret to your heroic future. It sends you easily to your world of destiny. You need to be an expert in that one thing and perform at the peak. Do everything you can to have relevant information in the area as a career. If you are on a job you do not love doing presently, I encourage you to re-think because you cannot be the best there. There is a special internal drive produced to overcome all challenges in your area of passion. Nothing gives you fulfillment like what you love to do. So tap into it from now and strive to be the continental best. It expands your ground of possibilities to greatness you can ever be.

Law of Compensation: This is the law of sowing and reaping. It is a law many Nigerians love to break and complain of no money. The fact is that you are not obeying this law. We want money without having nothing to exchange with it. No product, no service! See, no matter amounts of prayer and fasting, you cannot have money if you are doing nothing. A wise man said, “Doing the same thing the same way is the best definition of insanity.” In fact, the greatest prophet cannot help you. Even, devil cannot give you something illegitimately without having back something you cherish. The quality of input is also the quality of output. Let me give you a practical experiment; if you shout in a forest hiking up a mountain, the same voice, I mean your voice will shout back on you. That is an echo. It is also called life. What you send to life is what life sends back to you. It is a law of nature that you cannot break. Now, do you speak and hear negative words, feel and do negative things and expecting positive feedbacks? Okay, do you plant beans and expecting cassava? See, it does not work that way. This is a law of exchange. Identify an opportunities that present themselves like challenges. Don’t run away from challenges. There are gold rapped and hidden inside them. I encourage you to decide today the problems you can solve for people which they can exchange with money for you. Your purpose and passion must always be aligned to problems awaiting solutions in your hands. Okay, do you have a talent or skill crying for expression? Think of solutions to what people call problems in your family, community, city or state. Same problems are common to almost everyone in the country, continent and world over. Then, you can be the one to solve a national problem as you start in your family with what you can do. Try to make a change where you are. You cannot be committed to solving people’s problems and not have real success in life. It is impossible.

Now you are equipped to stop living a life of explanations but exclamations. If you can choose to obey these universal laws and then plan-think concrete goals on paper, do not give up in the days of tough times, have mentors, get hungry for information, try calculated new things, act, pray and trust God for breakthrough, believe me, the wall of possibility around your future is built.

You will succeed.