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Article Writing About Your Hobby For Free Targeted Traffic To Your Website And Branding Of Yourself

Article Writing About Your Hobby For Free Targeted Traffic To Your Website And Branding Of Yourself

If you have included your hobby in your website you should do something to get traffic to your site. Traffic isn’t just traffic. You should go for targeted traffic, meaning traffic of visitors to your site who are really interested in the same hobby as yourself. By writing articles about aspects of your hobby you will be able to attract lots of interested visitors – see below how to do it, and how to brand yourself related to your hobby.

I guess you are already writing texts about your hobby to put on your site. It is extremely important that you write that kind of useful information about your hobby to your visitors. Good articles at your site are also a good thing for Google and other search engines when the search engines spider and index your site.

But what we are adding to this task of writing articles are articles about your hobby that isn’t put on your own site, but made available to other websites and to ezine publishers. This might sound strange that you should help other sites to get good texts, and some of these sites might even be a kind of competitors to the traffic for your hobby at your site. But the smart mechanism is as follows.

What you will do: 1. You write focussed articles about your hobby with your name and links to your website included in the author resource box.

2. You post them for free distribution at articles sites like, and .

What other website owners will do: 1. Pick up your focussed articles about your hobby and post them at their websites and blogs to have good and relevant content for their visitors and information to be indexed by Google and other search engines.

2. At the same time these webmasters will make your article and included links to your site more known in cyberspace.

What ezine publishers will do: 1. Ezine publishers and editors will make use of your articles by publishing them in their newsletters about the same hobby as yours or in similar relevant ezines.

2. At the same time the ezine editors will make your hobby article and included links to your site more known in cyberspace and you become branded related to your hobby.

What relevant hobby enthusiasts will do: People with the same hobby as yours will read your articles at different websites and in different of the ezines they subscribe to and click to get to your website and bring target traffic to your hobby pages. At the same time they will learn your qualifications – you will get respect for your work with the hobby and your name and person will be branded as some sort of authority of that hobby.

Summing up the strategy of article writing Lots of people are very enthusiastic about their hobby and other spare time activities and spend a lot of time online to search for information and to take part in communities sharing the same hobby.

Think of the many kinds of hobbies people are having, from collecting all kinds of things to engaging in sports and other activities: Stamp collection, coin collection, collecting antiquities, paintings, art, all kinds of artefacts, but also a passion for dogs, cats or other pets, music, travel, gardening, bonsai, orchids, singing in a chorus, photography, video filming, and some have reading of books (fiction) as a kind of passion and hobby.

Many hobbies are even becoming more and more popular like golf, bird watching, travelling, biking, hiking, wine tasting, fine food cooking etc.

If you are engaged in different kinds of activities like these you should add them to your website, or much better, develop a completely new focussed website about every of your hobbies or other passions.

During time you will be able to benefit from such hobby websites in many ways. You will even be able to generate a nice extra income, but that is another story.

In any way you need targeted traffic to your hobby pages, and good quality and focussed articles for free distribution is very efficient way to achieve that. Take into account that Internet becomes more and more sophisticated. Websites become more and more specialized, and web searches become much more focussed meaning that if you want your hobby website to be found you need to do something about it. And here article writing is one of the very best tools for you to focus on, also because you will get a lot of links to your website about your hobby or hobbies.