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Aquaponics 4 U Review

Aquaponics 4 U Review

I have read great things about Aquaponics 4 U and that is what really made me want to look at the course and write a Aquaponics 4 U review. It was created by John Fay who is an expert in organic farming and specializes in Aquaponics. In his Aquaponics 4 U guide he gives you a step by step plan to help you build your own Aquaponics system. You will also get a number of resources which train you in maintaining and getting the best out of your new Aquaponics system.

The Aquaponics 4 U system makes some pretty impressive boasts, such as being able to grow 10 times more plants with their method of organic farming. Aquaponics is not exactly new. In fact it has been used by humans for thousands of years. But it is only just becoming very popular to organic farmers and gardeners. What’s great about Aquaponics is your plants grow faster and your produce tastes better, and it’s the fish that are doing all the work.

OK let’s get to the Aquaponics 4 U review. Aquaponics 4 U comes in an eBook form which is a book that you download after purchase, there are also a fair few videos that you can download and watch. My first impressions were that the eBook was well written and easy to read. It contains plenty of information that I would consider very useful for anyone looking at building an Aquaponics system in their backyard. The videos are also well presented but I would say they lack a bit of quality and could be clearer but they are helpful.

There are also six bonus guides which are a nice bonus but do not really relate to Aquaponics as such. Maybe two of them do have ties in Aquaponics and are worth a read, the others you can read if you wish.

The Good Stuff

I was surprised at the quality of Aquaponics 4 U. There is a lot of poor and incorrect information about Aquaponics floating around the Internet John Fays system really is a breath of fresh air.

Clear and correct step by step instructions to building what I would consider a wonderful and working Aquaponics system.

The Aquaponics 4 U course goes much further than just showing you how to build an Aquaponics system, it also shows you how to maintain and get the best out of your new system.
The system that you build from following the Aquaponics 4 U system will allow you to grow just about anything that you want.

Aquaponics 4 U is one of the cheapest Aquaponics courses on the Internet.
I really believe that any normal person could follow John Fays guide and build a working Aquaponics system.

The Bad Stuff

I really liked the course so it’s hard to pick out things that I did not enjoy. The overview quality is good but some of the images within the eBook are misplaced and end up making no sense at all once you get to the end of the page. Of cause after a while you get used to seeing them so the confusion goes away.

I know a lot of people do not trust digital products since there is a lot of poor information being sold on the Internet these days. I am glad to say that John does deliver on quality but I much prefer to have a paperback book, but I am afraid to say that Aquaponics 4 U is only available in a digital form so you can not pick up a copy at Amazon or your local bookstore.


Overall I was happy I choose to do an Aquaponics 4 U review. The quality of the eBook made this review a walk in the park. If you are looking for a cheap way to get into Aquaponics then I would recommend Aquaponics 4 U. It really does stand out in front of all the bad Aquaponics training that is on the Internet.

I am not sure you will grow 10 tens more produce like John Fay states but I am sure that this is one of the best ways to get into Aquaponics. Please remember that Aquaponics systems take some time and money to build but after you have created the system the time and money required to maintain the system is very little.

Thanks for reading.