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Agarwood – Origin of a Priceless Fragrance

Agarwood – Origin of a Priceless Fragrance

Agarwood, also recognized as agar, oud, or oodh, is a unusual substantial cost wooden that develops in Aquilaria and Gyrinops trees in Southeast Asia. The trees are rapid-escalating forest trees and can mature virtually 1000 meters in top. When the trees turn into contaminated with a particular mold, they create a dark aromatic resin to combat off the assault. The end result is dim embedded heartwood which is valued in lots of cultures for its exclusive aroma. The key explanation why Agarwood is unusual and costly is the simple fact that all Aquilaria species are stated as the endangered species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The Aquilaria trees can increase on various kinds of soils, which involve weak sandy soil. Seedlings have to have a great deal of shade and drinking water. These trees which improve extremely fast, start out developing seeds and bouquets as early as four many years old.

Agarwood Use


Agarwood, which is also regarded as “Wooden of the Gods,” has been hugely valued and traded for 1000’s of many years. This fragrant wooden is applied for medicinal applications, as incense, and in the distilled variety, it is used as a fragrance element and fragrance. Agarwood is recognized all-around the globe and it is employed by spiritual healers in the Middle East at therapeutic ceremonies. The Japanese pilgrims donate Agarwood oil and flowers to Shinto-Buddhist temples. In other Delta communities, Vietnamese spiritual groups ought to carry Agarwood to temple ceremonies. Agarwood oil is dark and thick, still non sticky. Agarwood oil has been made use of in treating lung and abdomen tumors, fevers, bronchial asthma, most cancers, nausea, bronchial complications, and basic pains.


Agarwood oil is used in perfumes. Agarwood is employed as a foundation by Amouage and Yves Saint Laurent in their most special perfumes. Advertising organizations declared the launch of La Collection M7 Oud Absoluby Yves Saint Laurent in 2011.

Cosmetics and Hair merchandise

Agarwood oil is used in hair goods to take care of dry and frizzy hair. It is also applied for facial creams and overall body lotions.


In nations around the world this sort of as Malaysia and Taiwan, Agarwood oil is employed to add taste to curries and area wines.


Agarwood oil incorporates a pure component, Valerian, which functions to serene the nervous technique and relieves insomnia, which permits a human being to have a for a longer time, further slumber.


Agarwood has been beloved and treasured for countless numbers of yrs, by romantics and mystics alike. Oud is declared as an help to religious meditation. Enthusiasts use it as an aphrodisiac. Agarwood is utilised in wide variety of potent magical formulas for drawing a lover near.


Agarwood is so unusual and costly it can make gold and diamond buys feel inexpensive in comparison. First-grade Agarwood is really beneficial. Dependent on cultural disposition and geographical place, an overall range of traits of Agarwood and associated solutions are readily available on the market. The selling price of Agarwood oil ranges from a pair of dollars to extra than $30.000 for each pound for major excellent. Only a handful of people have the expertise to ascertain correct Agarwood top quality. Agarwood has been utilised in many countries and almost each spiritual custom all more than the planet. In truth, for 1000’s of several years, lots of cultures have regarded Agarwood and Agarwood oil as the most important incense and perfume component.

Future of Agarwood

Considering the fact that Aquilaria trees are shown as endangered species,farmers in Assam begun replanting Agarwood trees in the course of the area. Because then, Agarwood nurseries have created tens of hundreds of healthier seedlings for Agarwood plantations. The farmers motivate all people to plant these attractive trees in their yards at the time all over again.