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Advantages of Timothy Hay For Guinea Pigs

Advantages of Timothy Hay For Guinea Pigs

Origins of Timothy Hay

Timothy hay is the dried edition of timothy-grass (Phleum pratense), a perennial grass that is indigenous to most European nations, apart from all those with a Mediterranean weather. Timothy-grass was first introduced to the United states of america by the early settlers arriving from Europe, who unwittingly brought the grass seeds with them. By the early 1700’s timothy-grass had set up itself in the New-Hampshire spot, the place farmers shortly recognized that it was favored by grazers. In 1720, Timothy Hanson, a local farmer, made the decision to cultivate the grass for hay manufacturing to feed his livestock, which led this grass to grow to be named soon after him. Timothy-grass is now grown in most areas in Usa and Canada, primarily as a forage for horses and cattle, but is also utilized extensively in the staple diet program of compact animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas.

Big difference Among Timothy Hay and Alfalfa Hay

While the nutritional values of alfalfa hay and timothy hay differ somewhat, they are equally handy additions in the eating plan of guinea pigs and other tiny animals – the choice of hay will rely on the life-stage of your pet.

Alfalfa hay is loaded in calcium and protein, and consequently is higher in calories and additional fattening than timothy hay. This would make it suited for feeding to producing animals that are escalating and have increased necessities in conditions of protein for advancement and enhancement, and calcium to guarantee the growth of sturdy healthful bones and tooth. Pregnant and nursing guinea pig mothers will also advantage from alfalfa hay with its increased calcium and protein content material, to make certain the healthful progress of their youthful. Nonetheless, at the time the youthful are thoroughly created it is most effective to switch to timothy hay with its diminished calorie and calcium content, to reduce wellness troubles linked to an extra of protein and calcium in the diet.

Rewards of Timothy Hay For Guinea Pigs

Timothy hay is higher in fiber, however low in protein, energy, and calcium, which delivers health added benefits to your pet. Timothy hay provides vital roughage in a cavies diet regime, which not only aids digestion and retains the gut functioning accurately, but the fibrous stems will also help maintain your pet’s teeth worn down to stop dental complications.

Guinea pigs are herbivores that are continually nibbling and gnawing on plants, stems, fruits and veggies in mother nature. This frequent chewing action naturally wears down their cheek teeth, and to compensate for this, the cheek tooth are constantly rising so that they can proceed to function competently. Having said that, cavies kept in captivity do not have absolutely free obtain to fibrous plant stems, seeds, and fruits, except it is presented to them. For that reason, if they do not acquire the accurate diet regime, their teeth can grow speedier than what they are worn down, which can cause significant troubles for your pet. 1 of the added benefits of timothy hay for guinea pigs is that getting substantial in fiber, it will use teeth down naturally when offered on a daily basis.

Herbivores also have to have a diet higher in fiber in get to hold the digestive tract healthier and working proficiently. The superior roughage content material in timothy hay guarantees that the bowels operate routinely to protect against problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

The reduced stages of protein, energy and calcium contained in timothy hay help your guinea pig to continue to obtain the vital fiber in the food plan, although not getting susceptible to bodyweight attain, or distressing bladder infections and bladder stones, which are challenging to detect, and can consequence in the loss of life of your pet if left unattended.

Styles of Timothy Hay

Timothy hay is commercially available in ‘first cut’ and ‘second cut’, which refers to the crop harvest. Initial minimize hay is the most effective form to feed your guinea pig as it is composed of greater seed heads, and coarser leaves and stems, delivering additional roughage and a lot less protein. Next cut hay is softer in texture due to the decreased fiber material, and it generally has a higher dampness content material than 1st minimize hay. Having said that, due to the fact the tender moist texture can make it a lot easier to eat, and it is more fragrant, it is typically favored by pet cavies, but it continue to presents a very good supply of fiber.

Other Nutritional Necessities

As guinea pigs are unable to synthesize vitamin C, they need to have a regular resource of vitamin C in their diet regime to reduce a deficiency of this crucial vitamin, which will final result in bodyweight loss, hair reduction, bleeding gums and teeth loss, followed by dying. A great brand of pellets specially formulated for guinea pigs will comprise vitamin C additives to be certain your pet gets a balanced diet. This can also be supplemented with fruit and greens loaded in vitamin C to ensure your pet continues to be healthful and in ideal affliction.

To ensure that your pet is fed a balanced healthy diet plan that will continue to keep him in peak affliction and health, it is greatest to feed timothy hay as a staple eating plan, a tiny volume of fantastic quality pellets, supplemented with fresh new fruit and veggies, creating confident that new h2o is generally accessible.